Monday, March 14, 2005

Say it Aint So: The Last Webcomics Examiner

A new Webcomics Examiner out today.
Could be the last.

Joe Zabel says:
The Webcomics Examiner is going on an indefinite hiatus.

Unfortunately, our current staff have other demands on their time that make it difficult to continue. Also, we're suffering from burn-out. "Discerning criticism," it turns out, is hard work.

The Examiner may return in the future, with new editors and new writers. But in any case, this chapter of the publication has come to a close.

We set out to capture a snapshot of an evolving medium, as discerned by a small group of writers during a pause in the action. We hope the results have meant as much to you as they have to us.

The WCE has always been kind to my work ( I'm flattered to have two of my comics mentioned in this issue). I have come to personally regard them as an invaluable resource for my own discovery of the wide world of webcomics.

While I certainly understand their decision, I am nevertheless sorry to see them go.

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