Sunday, March 13, 2005

Quick Post: Seriously, folks

The book is House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski.
The similarities extend far beyond the title, as well.

(I guess I just insulted you all.)


Kasey Kite said...

That's probably my favorite book. The name comes from that escher print though, because of the vertical scrolling.

Tymmi said...

HoL's a great book. Especially interesting from a cartoonists perspective. I've been meaning to put together an essay or something about the similarities between what Danielewski does with the design of the book and comics design. He uses chunks of text to tell the story in a more interesting way (I think) than straight prose.
Maybe if I find some time.

And I didn't figure that House of Stairs had anything to do with House of Leaves, really. But the parallels are striking. It's good to know you've heard of (and like) the book. It's one of my favorites too.

AlexanderD said...

I've been meaning to pick up House of Leaves for a while now. It will almost certainly be in my summer reading.

As an interesting side note, the author is the brother of the musician, Poe. A couple years back, she remixed "Hey Pretty," a track from her gorgeous second album, "Haunted," with recording of her brother reading a passage from House of Leaves. The effect was excellent--arguably better than the original track. You may have heard it--it actually got some decent air play on the radio.

Tymmi said...

Mark Danielewski toured with Poe after the albums release, doing readings from the book. Haunted was billed as a companion piece to HoL when they were both released in 2000. Sort of two works (by siblings) inspired by a common subject and feeding off of each other (through the creator's close ties).
Supposedly both works have something to do with their father, filmaker Tad Danielewski.

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