Wednesday, October 28, 2009


as seen at the yellowlight.

You know, I should just quit after this one. As far as conceptual, formalist gags go, I'm never gonna be able to do any better than that.

Apologies to René Magritte.

Apologies to Scott McCloud, and to Tim Hall too, for that matter.
Apologies to David Lasky, and to Derik Badman.
Apologies to Emil Kópen ("So many cartoonists are afraid of words"). But I'm just being cute there. I mean Apologies to Dylan Horrocks, of course.

And Apologies to Alexander Danner, and Mark Danielewski, and Kenneth Koch (and Austin Kleon, just as well), and Jacob Lyon Goddard, and DRAW, and Saul Steinberg, and Mark Lombardi, and a million other cartoonists, poets, writers.

It's so simple, but it's got a lot of history behind it.

Apologies to you. And to you. And to everybody.
Everybody, everywhere. Apologies. Apologies.

It is a comic.


DerikB said...

You're really on a roll lately, Tym. Keep it up!

Tymmi said...

Thanks. I'm trying!

Austin Kleon said...

Yeah, don't stop!

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