Tuesday, January 20, 2009

! - the end

Pages fifty-two and fifty-three finish this story off. I hope the finish does not disappoint.
For better or worse, it's all over!

For those of you who are interested, there is a print version of ! is in the works. It may take some time though. I have many, many revisions to make to the comic and have yet to work out the particulars of publication (I'd really like one long accordion fold if I can manage it). All of this has to take the backburner to my next project too. I've been leaving Alexander hanging for too long now.

It'll happen eventually, though. And at least now you can read the whole story.

Thanks for reading!


John Freeman said...

A couple of people have sent me this and the art is terrific, as is the story, However, if you don’t have a big monitor — and I’m not talking here about the fact that you have to ‘sideways scroll’ but the depth of the panel — then you can’t see the entire story develop.

I'm not sure this 'scrolling' kind of storytelling is a great way to tell a comics story if the reader can't see the whole 'panel' from top to bottom on their screen.

Superb art though, as I said, and not knocking you obvious talent, this is more of a 'presntation point than anything.

Be interesting to see how you adapt this for print.

Tymmi said...

Thank you, John.
Yeah, the problem with the vertical depth stems mostly from not having a concern (initially, at least) towards the presentation. I just wanted to be able to collect all the pages as a reference for making revisions (I don't have a hallway long enough to line these up at home). I'll definitely address the height in the final web version.

I'm just about done with my revisions so I hope to have both final versions - print and web - out soon.