Thursday, December 04, 2008

Untold Mysteries of (Popular) Science

Journal comics have unfortunately fallen by the wayside for now. Been pretty busy with the holidays and my work schedule lately. I'll get back to them. Ideally, I'd like to make those strips as automatic and thoughtless a process as possible. I just haven't found that sweet spot yet.

Anyway, here's a story I did for Cat Garza's Secrets and Lies.
Looking back, I've got mixed feelings about the whole story - the ending seems kind of muddled to me now. But I am reservedly happy about the results.
Online, I know, the text is kinda small (it's better in print) but I did fix a typo that (GASP) made it into the final book version.

Anyway, here goes:


grant said...

Hey! I bought the book a long time ago and I keep forgetting to tell you that I enjoyed your piece in it. (I actually bought it to read your story.)

Tymmi said...

Thanks, Grant!
The whole book ended up with a peculiar feel to it, running the gamut from loose sketchbook-type stories to polished, professional work. This one falls somewhere in between, I think.