Thursday, June 12, 2008

! - page twenty-four

A couple things to measure this little comic strip up to:
The record holder for the world's longest continuous drawing. 1,350 feet, but not quite a comic. Wish there were better photos, but it appears that it might be done on one long sheet of paper too.
(Link from Steve)

And Elvis Road. Only twenty four feet, but extremely dense drawing. And it's a comic!
(from Troy)

! measures in at just about seventeen feet (so far) and is also dense, but in a different way.


Dave Land said...

The "Longest drawing" is not at all interesting, unfortunately, it is just long. "Elvis Road" is a style of drawing that I don't enjoy nearly as much as yours.

I was sorry to see it end this week, but I did create a web page that puts the whole thing together so I can scroll horizontally through it and enjoy the story.

Tymmi said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it but you needn't have gone through the trouble. I've done the same thing at
Kind of rough but managable. I'm going to clean it up some and present it better on the web as well as in print. I have several revisions to make first.

And it's not quite over yet.