Monday, February 18, 2008

The Briefest of Interludes: on Religion

Last week I spent all my comics time - when I would usually be preparing another page of ! for you all - on Alexander's Uncertainty and on my rewrite of Lost and Found for Cat Garza. To make up for the lack of a ! here is a little doodle postit comic I made when I should have been actually working for a living.
I hope the three of you left reading here will enjoy it:

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grant said...

one of the three checking in. . . maybe I'm just in a silly mood, but that was probably the funniest thing I've seen in while.

el gato said...

here's me, numba 2:

i especially like the way the lifeless body is sorta getting pulled up into the air in the eighth panel.

Sarah said...

I have an immense urge to peel up those post it notes & put them back together in different orders.

And I reckon you've miscounted. There are at least two more after me.

Anonymous said...

We are legion, apparently.

Funny comic and I'm impressed with how nice your tossed off post-it note drawings are.

Tymmi said...

one... two... three...
This isn't right! What's going on here? This calls my entire world view into question!