Friday, January 25, 2008

! - page eight

This was the roughest week yet in a rough new year, I think. The kids aren't sleeping well (well... Sophie, mostly) so that means we aren't getting any sleep. Jamon picked up a cold (so it's kind of like sick all over again). And then of course we picked it up too. Pile that on everything else that needs to get done every day (but quite often doesn't). For most of the week I've been like a sick-sick zombie with too much to do and no energy to do it. I feel lucky to have squeezed this page out.

(Aw, quit yer griping Tim)

Anyway... !, page eight here. I'm noticing a lot of visual echoes between the threads from page to page. Not quite planned... but I like it. Go ahead, see what you can find.


grant said...

this is kind of turning into being sort of like rabbit head. (Not plot wise, but in the format with all the splintering narratives)

Tymmi said...

Yeah, I noticed that too, although I had this thumbed out about a year before I even read RabbitHead.

Plot wise, they share a kind of forward-driving motion to the narrative, too. And a linear progression in both time and space. Story-space, I mean, shown by the map at the end of RabbitHead and by the continuous background here (although I cheat that a bit on this page).

I'd like to do a twisting/branching narrative, someday, that's not too tied to linear progression as ! and RabbitHead are. I've got some ideas...