Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wednesday Sketchdump!

I haven't done a lot of sketch dumps here, but since I'm ahead of schedule on the comics this week, I thought I'd let you take a peek in my little mini-sketchbook where I've been playing around with the ballpoint pens.

Here's the family. Sophie running around with no pants on next to an awfully poor sketch of my wife...

Sophie doesn't yet notice when I'm drawing her. Rachelle is a little harder to pin down unawares...

Here's the only member of the family who sat still long enough for a proper life drawing session:

That's Tico

A nonsense comic. Nothing to do with anything. That's my mom and dad up in the front seats. You can see the crayon where My daughter Sophie improved these drawings somewhat. Nothing like a splash of color to brighten a sketch.

And for those of who who have ever wondered as to my process for these blog strips (yes, there is some process) here's the page in my little sketchbook where I worked out the layout and dialogue for yesterday's strip:

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