Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Genius+Love=Jeff Pasek

Another cartoon by Jeff Pasek, another fine play against expectations.

No time for a full review, but some notes:

There is one line of dialogue. The primacy of its speaker - in the foreground of the composition - indicates a hero/protagonist role. The traditional romantic notions of this role are undercut by the behavior of the other characters. Note the position of the love interest: back turned towards the principal, she gazes lustily at the supposed villain. And, again, the white field separating the principal from his surroundings (and the yellow field linking the others together). The whole composition is ripe with the air of betrayed confidence.

The theme of the clandestine love is revealed as a comedic red herring, however, when we realize our hero was talking about the dog anyway.


Anonymous said...

I think the ambiguity about whether the "hero" is referring to the dog or the person opens this up to a variety of interpretations.

Tymmi said...

True, mine is but one of many. And ther are other mysteries afoot here. Body language suggests the dog and the aforementioned "villian" are at odds with one another, but could the design indicate some type of subterfuge there? Perhaps the first "half the time" the villain is an asshole and the second is meant for the dog.
Truly depths within depths here.

will anderson said...

The cat is the one speaking of the person. It's a talking cat.

Tymmi said...

Oh. That's a cat.
Yeah, that changes everything.

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