Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pan-Global Elves*?

Lookit Me!!! I'm just like Jimmy Kolchaka! WOO-HOOO!

And speaking of elves, you know who hates 'em? William G's Bang Barstal, that's who! That's a joke that all of the guest artists he's lined up for filler have been running into the ground over there. Well, not to be outdone in the banal and insipidly unoriginal gag department, yours truly has taken up the cause with his own subtly unfunny Bang Barstal Guest Strip (note: it's front-paged for Wednesday only. If you're reading this on Thursday or later click here and scroll to the bottom.) Check it out, if you dare.

*- explanation on the heading today, if you're not in "the know":

This strip is done in the style of James Kochalka's popular sketchbook-diary American Elf.
William G's Bang Barstal goes out hunting elves in his first installment, Pointy Eared Bastards (currently being reserialized on Graphic Smash) and my guest strip makes reference to that. So there's the "elf" connection.

And William G is from Canada and lives in South Korea.
American Elf... Canada... South Korea...

Thus the "Pan-Global."

I'm all full of bad jokes today...

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